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Responsible Gaming

Sports & Social Bethesda supports responsible gaming. We train and educate our team members to help our guests understand what resources are available if they need to seek help for a gambling disorder. We rigorously follow state laws, and we restrict minors from entering our casino floor or participating in gambling activities.

Help is out there. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, assistance is available now:

 NASPL Problem Gaming Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few warning signs of problem gambling:

  • Excessive time spent gambling – this individual may skip important events or miss out on family obligations, work or school in order to spend more time gambling
  • Hiding losses – frequently talking about wins without ever mentioning losses (and hiding financial information) are warning signs
  • Escapism – individuals who gamble as a means to escape pressures at home or work, or to distract themselves from loneliness or grief, may have a gambling problem
  • Severe mood swings – often, those with gambling disorders experience a positive or negative state of mind depending on their wins or losses; these individuals may also experience anxiousness or anger when they're not gambling
  • Snowballing bets – individuals with gambling disorders tend to increase the size of their bets as a way of chasing their losses
  • Failed attempts to stop – many compulsive gamblers make earnest attempts to stop gambling, but are unable to do so without help

The State Of Maryland Voluntary Exclusion Program

In order to help compulsive gamblers battle their addiction, the state of Maryland enables them to ban themselves from gaming establishments. To find out how, click here